• spooky moments are created with the storytelling shows of MPMagic (Marco Pusterla): Halloween, but also theatres, community centres
  • MPMagic can create nightmares with spooky artefacts in our storytelling magic shows
  • original stories, like 'the talisman', can be performed by Marco the storyteller at your event

"Once upon a time..." Storytelling is one of the oldest styles of performance, that was probably being shown in caves long before somebody decided to use some sleight-of-hand to entertain people with a so-called "magic trick".

You may think that stories are only for children: this is not completely true. Movies tell us stories. Books tell us stories. Theatre plays tell us stories. Adults, not just children, enjoy a good story.

Marco, our Master Magician, has been practicing the craft of story telling for many years, and has culled out from the world's literature and folk lore many of the most unusual stories about magical happenings. His ability with the performance of the art of magic gives him a further advantage, as he can enhance the story with happenings, with a careful selection of items which are either original and pertinent to the story or exacted copies. And these objects come to life in Marco's hands, proving the veridicity of the story.

While most stories rely on magical happenings, this is not always the case, and the show can be customized for every kind of event. Of course, you understand that in order to achieve the maximum entertainment with this type of show, the audience must be in the right mood, and the stage carefully set. The optimal venue is the private party, when the guests sit down and relax for 40-50 minutes after the meal and before proceeding with the rest of the entertainment.

Marco can provide some tested shows, or can customize the show and the stories for your specific event and your requests. For example, you may want to prove to your guests that your home is inhabited by a ghost: while Marco will tell your guests the tale, ghostly events may take place.

The Storytelling show is particularly suited for the Halloween season and the party you want to hold. What better time of the year to listen to that ghostly tale, or to have your spine tingling looking at some real horror story in your front room? Or, perhaps, listen about the greatest magician of them all, Harry Houdini, who died on Halloween night in 1926?

Also note that, unlike movies, theatre plays and books, Marco's stories can involve people and make your guests part of the show, in a pleasant way and with no embarassment whatsoever.

If you want to book an unusual form of entertainment, please consider the Storytelling events provided by MPMagic.co.uk

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