• The close-up mysteries of Marco Pusterla - MPMagic - is perfect for any event!
  • card magic up close as performed by MPMagic (Marco Pusterla) during a party
  • Amaze your guests with the close-up (intimate) magic of Marco MPMagic Pusterla

Close-up magic is a form of magical performance which happens right under the spectators' nose, in their hands and with their involvement. In the past twenty years or so, this form of entertainment has become very popular and many magicians perform it all over the world.

What sets Marco's close-up magic apart is the care and elegance of its performace. Marco is a past champion of sleight-of-hand magic having win a prestigious prize at The Magic Circle in 1999; whilst he specializes in card magic, he performs his magic with different objects, to entertain and amaze your guests.

The close-up magic show is particularly suited to birthday parties, dinners, hospitality suites and weddings, where members of the audience usually tend to sit or stand in small groups and where Marco can walk to them and perform some magic just for their eyes. The classier form of close-up magic would involve the performer sitting at a card table with guests around him, but we understand is not always possible to have this option.

The magic performed will be customized for your specific event, in order to maximize the impact on your guests and, in case of a commercial presentation, your message. The performer will either wear a black tie suit or a more "casual" suit in order to fit in with the venue.

If you are looking for a magician for a wedding, to entertain your guests while waiting for the bride and groom, or between the meal and the evening disco, then Marco is the perfect wedding magician to make your special day even more special, and to add that little bit of extra magic your guests will talk about for a long time.

For some events, you may want to add a stand-up performance to a close-up one, to enable all your guests to see at once Marco performing more elaborate mysteries at some distance. In this case, we recommend you check the functions page which will give you all the necessary informations on this kind of show. If booked together, close-up and function shows will have a particularly interesting price.

To sample a taste of Marco's skill in close-up magic, here is a recent performance of a trick out of his repertoire for an Italian television. The performance is of course in Italian, but it should be a showcase of Marco's skills and talent. Enjoy!

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