• Marco Pusterla - MPMagic - in his library, with more than 3000 magic books
  • Marco Pusterla is a magic historian and editor, lecturing worldwide on the art of magic: Paris, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Roma, Torino, Napoli, London
  • Marco Pusterla is a magic consultant with a long experience in television and for award winning magicians

Marco Pusterla was born in Turin, in the North of Italy, in 1968. He started to get interested in Magic about 1983 and he never stopped since. While in Italy he performed, semi - professionally, a stage act of classical magic and gained also a reputation as a close-up performer, working in hotels, restaurants and for high-class private parties.

In the meantime, he continued to study the Art of Magic and to progress in his knowledge of deception techniques for entertainment, which proved helpful when Marco was called by Italian national television to supervise magic in important shows. For these projects, Marco studied the effects, the presentations and developed some new methods for the performers.

In 1998, Marco moved to England, to Bury St. Edmunds (Suffolk), where he still resides. In these years, he continued to collect magical books (he now owns one of the largest private magical libraries, with more than 3,000 volumes on the art and craft of magic) and performed close-up magic in restaurants and for private parties. As a member of The Magic Circle he can guarantee a professional and classy performance, as requested by his clients. In 1999, he won the second prize at the prestigious competition "The Close-Up Magician of the Year" held in London, using only a pack of cards and a routine which is part of his personal act.

In addition to performing magic, Marco publishes a quarterly magazine on magic history and collecting, Ye Olde Magic Mag and is heavily involved in research on the history of magic, with particular attention to Raffaele Chefalo (1885-1963), Italy's foremost magician in the 20th century.

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