Magia - Massimo Polidoro

  • Subtitle: La Rivista Italiana Di Cultura Magica
  • Publisher: Cicap (2004)
  • Type: Magazine
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Edition: 1st Edition
  • Pages: 194
  • Category: History / History
  • Marco's Rating: Not Rated Yet
  • Language: Italian
Marco's Comments:
From John Fisher's auction, lot 21. First issue of Cicap's magic magazine, a book in itself. It's a very good quality publication, with a number of articles translated from foreign publications and Italian booklets re-printed. It contains a number of articles on different subject's, from Rol's version of "Out of This World" to biographies of Bosco and Poletti. Many of the articles are translations from foreign authors, some of which I already knew; the article on Bosco, while rich, is slightly more than a collection of dates and events from other sources. I enjoyed the article by Alexander on the spaces.

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