The Sticky Blue Book - Anthony Owen

The Sticky Blue Book
  • Publisher: The Kaymar Magic Co. (2001)
  • Type: Book
  • Binding: Spiral
  • Edition: 2nd Edition
  • Pages: 33
  • Category: Cards / Cards
  • Marco's Rating: Mediocre
  • Language: English
Marco's Comments:
A book with various effect with repositionable glue. I remember seeing Anthony Owen in 1996 in Milan lecturing on this principle and flogging this book already. The books comes with two fake cards (Double Face and Double Back) and a stick of glue. Some of the tricks are interesting, others aren't very good. Most tricks use the glue in the most pedestrian way, as roughing fluid, and the tricks could be performed with wax or roughing fluid. Not a great book at all.

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