The Cardiste - Russell Duck

The Cardiste
  • Subtitle: A Completely Edited Reprint Of The Magazine Made Famous By Cardiste, J. Russell Duck. Stacked Decks And Mathemagical Effects Contribute Greatly To The Art Od Cardistry. His Passion Attracted Experts In The Field Who Collaborated With Him In This Work And
  • Publisher: Abraxas Publications (2006)
  • ISBN: 0968823130
  • Type: Book
  • Binding: Spiral
  • Edition: 2nd Edition
  • Pages: 240
  • Category: Cards / Cards
  • Marco's Rating: Good
  • Language: English
Marco's Comments:
This is a reprint of the reprint of Rusduck's magazine on card stacks and mathematical card magic. This edition contains the12th issue (which I don't have in the bound originals), the unpublished 13th edition and a number of other effects by Martin Nash, Bruce Cervon and other magicians who were sent to Russell Duck but never printed.

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